DIY Halloween costumes on a budget


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Creepy faces made by party people

Katie Zee, Journalist

Store bought Halloween costumes can be pretty costly, especially for the quality. But have no fear because your closet or favorite thrift store might have some pieces that would work to create a costume. You can also visit a store that carries craft supplies and make what you need yourself! Let’s go through some ideas for costumes. 

If you have blonde hair, then you’re already halfway there for this first one. A Barbie costume is iconic and easy to throw together, due to there being many iterations of the character. You could go for a specific movie or doll, but wearing anything pink and sparkly would work just fine.  

The addition of Ken would make a perfect couples costume. For that, you can either go for a preppy look with a polo, khaki shorts, and a sweater tied around the shoulders, or you can go for that Malibu feel with a Hawaiian shirt, beachy shorts, and sandals. All of these items may be already in your closet, so give it a try!

Fairy wings are perfect for many different fairy characters, from Tinkerbell to the Winx Club girls. A fun and cost-effective DIY is to make your own out of wire and cellophane. There are a ton of tutorials on TikTok and YouTube, but here’s a quick overview of what you would do: 

  • Take thick, but malleable wire (wire coat hangers can work) and shape them into the desired shapes, with as much or as little detail as you want. 
  • Cut two layers of cellophane for each wing. These pieces should be slightly bigger than the wings. 
  • Sandwich the wire wings between the sheets of cellophane and iron until they adhere to each other. 
  • Attach wings together using one of many methods. 
  • Add final touches, and you’re done! 

 Pair with a flouncy pastel dress for a light and airy look, or wear dark colors and ripped tights for a dark fairy look.

A scarecrow is a great unisex option that can be done either cutesy or scary. All you need for the base are overalls (or jeans and suspenders), a flannel shirt, a straw hat, and some boots. Finding those items from a thrift store shouldn’t be too hard. For the details, you need some patches of fabric to iron or sew on, fake straw to put around the cuffs of the shirt and jeans, and a rope to make a belt. Makeup for a scarecrow is pretty beginner friendly; all you need to do is make some stitch lines with eyeliner and add blush to the cheeks. To make the costume scary, tatter the clothes, create a creepy smile with eyeliner, and add some fake blood. 

For a nostalgic group costume, try the crew from Victorious. For jade, wear all black and put fake streaks of blue, purple, or green in your hair. For Cat, wear a pink dress and try to find a red wig. For Tori, wear skinny jeans, a sparkly top, brown boots, and a cropped jacket. For Beck, wear a tank top, jeans, an unbuttoned plaid shirt, and a necklace. For Andre, wear a T-shirt, sweatshirt, and jeans. For Robby, wear glasses, a graphic tee, and try and see if you can find a friend to dress up as Rex to hang out with you the whole night. Sikowitz would be the most fun costume, though. You would need to raid a thrift store and layer all of the pieces. Don’t forget the coconut prop! 

A costume that would instantly become a campus favorite would have to be an Erbert and Gerbert’s one. You and a friend would pair up to be the characters on the logo of the sandwich shop. One person would wear a collared shirt, while the other would wear a t-shirt and circular glasses. The logo wouldn’t be too hard to sketch out on both shirts, but you can always use transfer paper and an iron. Carry around some cups from the shop, and you’re all set for this iconic duo.

Hopefully this sparked some ideas for potential costumes this Halloween. Make sure to get creative and have fun!