Midfielder makes big moves


Provided by Sarah Clancy

Sarah Clancy protects the ball from a defender during a game

Kaitlin Geisler, Journalist

After transferring to UW-Whitewater from Indiana State University senior midfielder Sarah Clancy had a breakout season on the Warhawk soccer team in 2021. This year she intends to make several goals and lead the team to the national tournament. Her desire to always improve and achieve more comes from her competitive mindset.

Q:How did you get into playing soccer and did you plan on playing soccer in college?

A:It started with my brother. We’ve always been competitive and once he started playing soccer and my parents put a soccer net in the backyard, I was just drawn to it. My brother started playing in college and I was at a really competitive club team and once everyone started talking to coaches I kind of got in that competition mindset like, ‘Oh, I want to do that too.’ So ever since like seventh or eighth grade, I did have a goal of playing in college.

Q: How have you balanced soccer and academics?

A: A lot of short naps. But it’s really good that we have our mandatory study tables. For two hours we just go and sit in a classroom and do our work. So that helps but a lot of hot spots on the phones for the computers on bus rides and just you really just gotta make the time and find the time to do schoolwork. And also the professors here are amazing. If you just communicate with them and make up the work they’re so understanding if we’re missing a class because of travel or whatever. That makes a big difference,

Q: What are your plans for after this season and graduation?

A: After the season I’ll go my other way. I only have three more credits to take in the spring so I’m probably going to get a job. But if the team needs any organization or any help like that, then I’d be more than willing to help but yeah, it’s kind of gonna be sad going away, but everything good must come to an end.

Q: How do you feel knowing this is your last season?

A: I kind of like knowing the endpoint but it’s like every game I gotta give everything or I’m gonna regret it. Every game really could be your last because of injuries or stuff happens. So knowing that this is the last year even when I’m lucky enough that because of COVID I did kind of get another year is bittersweet but I was grateful for that. Just knowing that this is the end is hard, but also it’s a different type of motivation.

Q: What have you learned so far from playing soccer at Whitewater?

A: I learned a lot of time management. Then that really does transfer too, I had an internship over the summer and I saw a bunch of these people so stressed with time and I was like, ‘Oh, I got this, I know how to handle this. But also working well in a group setting. I know that a lot of people can do that, and soccer has taught me t

Q: What does it mean to you to be a Warhawk and how does the Whitewater athletics community support female athletes?

A: To be a warhawk means to me we’re truly family, like once a warhawk, always a warhawk. A bunch of alums just came to our game yesterday and I know I could reach out to any other alum, it’s just truly a family community. And I know that each of my teammates have my back and I hope every teammate knows that I have their back. And even like I said, my athletic trainer and my coach, I ask them for reference letters and they’re like, of course. It’s just very much a family type of vibe.

Clancy hopes to continue her current progress and lead her team to a WIAC Championship along with an NCAA tournament berth. Clancy said that with the team’s support of each other they can all continue improving and achieve a lot this season.