Staying warm and healthy on campus this winter


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young woman sitting on a bad holding a cup of hot coffee on a cold winter morning at home

Rori Leonhard, Lifestyle Editor

As the leaves change color and the forbidden white precipitation begins to brew, it is important to understand the precautions that need to be taken in order to prevent illnesses. Underdressing during cold times is one way to easily catch a cold, and although it can be difficult at times to cover up your carefully constructed outfit, it is a decision everyone in the midwest must make.

There are many trendy styles that can assist in this difficult situation and allow you to travel outside in style. Scarves and beanies have been in style for quite some time, which leaves no better reason than to break them out, and if you’re an 80s geek, you should be pleased to hear that leg warmers are back. According to TeenVogue’s article, Leg warmers are back like they never even left , published in Oct. 2022, this snazzy piece of clothing has kickstarted its launch on TikTok. This article lists numerous ways you can style leg warmers. For more information, visit the TeenVogue 

Fortunately, leg warmers are not the only protection against sickness here on campus as Ambrose Health Center, located on Starin road, offers resources to keep students and faculty healthy, including but not limited to, flu shots and cough drops. In regards to one of the few pandemics we are facing, the establishment is distributing two free Covid-19 tests and instructions on how to receive more if needed.

During this flu season, there is nothing better than a hot drink to keep warm and stay hydrated. Willie’s in the University Center and P-Street Market, located on Prairie Street below Esker Hall, offers many different types of deliciously toasty beverages during the day. Another way to stay warm in the evening is by visiting Wells hall where a student volunteer runs a late night cafe, which is a good way to fuel both body heat and study sessions.