Alumni shares success as rapper


Korxue Yang shared his music video, “From a Place” with the students and other audience members at Summers Auditorium

Mikey Rottier, Assistant Women's Sports Editor

Milwaukee native Korxue Yang shared his passions and inspirations for his music with a number of students at Summers Auditorium, Dec. 7. The event was a part of the Southeast Asian Lecture Series, a series of talks set up by the Southeast Asian Organization to educate students and allow different speakers to deliver important messages. 

“For all of our lecture series events the purpose is to bring alumni and other speakers so that students can have that network and utilize it as a resource,” Whitewater’s Diversity Program Coordinator Terri Jones said. “We think it is really important to cover all of those different identity bases for our students.”

After growing up in Milwaukee, Yang attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and earned his bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety. When he was in college he first began to produce music for fun.

“I remember when I was making my first song I was in the six pack in the Arey dorm and my RA came and knocked and told me I was being too loud but I didn’t even hear them the first time they came,” Yang said. 

Yang spent six years at Whitewater, throughout those years he worked hard in his classes and kept his future in mind at all times. In addition to his success in academics, Yang learned other valuable lessons outside of the classroom. 

“It was when I was here at Whitewater when I realized that you should do what you always want to do, do what you’re passionate about,” Yang said. “That idea has really stuck with me and is one thing that has really helped me out throughout the years.”

After Yang graduated from college he began to pursue his music more seriously. When he released his very first music video he began to garner more and more recognition, but despite his first taste of fame, Yang only makes his music for one reason.

“My first music video got 20,000 views, which was really good,” Yang said. “But whether it gets 20 views or 20,000, I still really enjoy making music and the important thing to me is the message that I am putting out there.”

In late June of 2021, Yang produced his biggest song and music video so far. The video featured news clips from controversial police encounters and footage from black lives matter protests. The video gained traction and eventually led to Yang being invited to perform at different venues. 

“Within 7 or 8 months I did 7 or 8 shows and it gave me the confidence and a lot of motivation to keep doing music,” Yang said. 

Yang continues to advance his music career and spread inspiration in whatever way he can. The Whitewater alumni left the students in attendance at the lecture with one final message, “be passionate, when you believe in yourself and enjoy what you do, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.”