Happy National Crab Rangoon Day!


Crab Rangoon Image (stock photo)

Katie Zee, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Feb. 13 is Crab Rangoon Day, an unofficial holiday created by three friends who wanted a day to celebrate friendship and good food before the loneliness that can come from Valentine’s Day. Click here to read more about how the holiday came to be and then come back for this list of places in and around Whitewater that will satisfy your crab rangoon cravings.

For an option in town, look to Main Street for Beijing Buffet and China House, two popular and long standing local businesses who have been preparing Chinese cuisine for years here in Whitewater.

If you love that crisp outer layer, but crab isn’t quite your thing, then check out the cream cheese rangoon at the Panda Express in Janesville. 

The best crab rangoon that I’ve personally had came from Fuji Steakhouse. The dipping sauce was different than what most restaurants have to accompany their crab rangoon, and it was delicious! Located in Janesville, the restaurant is more of a special occasion place because of its atmosphere and pricing. And if you go with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, you get a free rose.

A cozy place to sit down and order some crab rangoon is 99 Sushi in Fort Atkinson. The restaurant is nicely decorated with vines on the ceiling, and the bubble tea is good as well.

There is also the option to make these delicious delicacies yourself! Wonton wrappers, imitation crab, cream cheese and chives are all conveniently located at the local Whitewater Walmart. The signature sweet and sour dipping sauce commonly served is also an incredibly easy recipe, involving only sugar, vinegar and red dye. 

The day before Valentine’s can be overwhelming so comfort yourself with some crunchy and sweet crab rangoons.