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Students should celebrate Earth Day year-round

April 22, 2015

April 22, 2015 April 22 is known as Earth Day. This is a day to make a difference for the betterment of the world. Since it is in April, this day reserved for the earth itself should be celebrated...

Bringing Biking Presence Back to Campus

April 23, 2014

April 23, 2014 By Kristie Weiss   The UW-Whitewater Cycling Club celebrated Earth Day, on April 22 with an event meant to bring old bikes back to life; providing the maintenance that they...

SAGE joins Earth Week

SAGE joins Earth Week
April 22, 2014

Organizations unite to provide conservation and sustainability events to the campus, community April 23, 2014 By Amanda Ramirez   Reduce, reuse, recycle is a mantra familiar to those concerned...

CEO promotes sustainability

CEO promotes sustainability
April 24, 2013

  It was in the mid-60s and partly cloudy with a warm spring breeze—perfect weather for the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization to plant their first trees sponsored through its business, Treenewal. Treenewal...

Earth week celebrated on campus

April 23, 2013

  There has been excessive planning and time put into the Earth Week activities which began on Apr. 22 and will continue throughout the week. Both Talia Schutz, the senior account executive...

Countdown to Earth Week

Countdown to Earth Week
April 16, 2013

  As we approach the 43rd Earth Day, all students are encouraged to reflect on the environmental challenges and how each individual can create a difference. According to earthday.org, on April...

Earthday gallery

April 27, 2011

photos by: Alyssa Miles, Giovanni Lopez, Kelsey Welke

Showcasing art influenced by Earth Day

April 20, 2011

Student projects  represent earth preservation The Preserving the eARTh exhibit, presented April 19 through April 29 in the Fiskum Gallery, exposes how artwork can be influenced and impacted by...

Getting their hands dirty for a cleaner earth

April 20, 2011

It’s a group of more than 20 members dedicated to educating and preserving the earth and it’s resources, both locally and nationally. Students Allied for a Green Earth began in 2007, and has steadily...

UW-W professor going green on campus, at home

April 20, 2011

He was a professor at Flinders University in South Australia.  He marched 42 miles to Madison to protest Walker’s bill.  He won the Environmental Achievement Award in 2010 for the Individual Category. Underneath...

Campus must push sustainability

April 20, 2011

With state officials planning extensive cuts and policy changes in regards to recycling programs statewide, it’s important UW-Whitewater stands strong as a leader in sustainability. Gov. Scott...

UW-W recognizes Earth Day with week of events

April 13, 2011

UW-Whitewater will recognize Earth Day with a week’s worth of events beginning next Tuesday. This year, Earth Day falls on April 22, which is also Good Friday. Due to the mandatory State of Wisconsin...

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