Plant a tree for Earth Month


Growing Trees for the Earth to make a difference with the help of from UWW sustainability (Photo from UWW Sustainability Instagram page)

Hunter Wade, Journalist

Lets celebrate hard this month for the Earth. April 22 is the 51st anniversary of Earth Day and April 30 is Arbor Day. Although our lives have been put on hold due to COVID 19, the earth needs our help more than ever. COVID-19 has taught us the power of unity and community. With one in four Americans vaccinated, it looks like we are turning the corner. After going through a global pandemic disaster, we should be preparing and turning our attention to the next crisis: climate change. A simple radical idea that can promote change is to plant a tree. 

The trees of Mother Earth provide shelter to many insects, and animals. From caterpillars to birds, giving them a food source and home can help promote a healthy environment. Trees also provide oxygen and help cool the planet. It is also a place to make tree forts, swinging off branches like a bunch of monkeys, building a tree house or just climbing for fun!

You can start planting trees with seven easy steps that you can go outside with as shovel, hose for water, plant, and soil. Do this by preparing the plotting hole, don’t forget to make the hole three times wider than the root base. You will have to plant high by placing the root base 25 percent higher than the soil level. After you do that, you should Inspect the roots to search for any densely bound roots in either a circular pattern or in the shape of the container, then use your hands or knife to break up the pattern.  Make sure you don’t modify the soil and don’t add any un-natural soil and break up the clumps in exciting soil, remove the rocks and backfill. You also should eliminate air pockets in the soil and you can do this by adding a spray of water to the soil. Now you can go add mulch, sprinkle it all over the area, should be two inches from the tree trunk, and add mulch the more the merrier. Lastly, you should water properly and water everyday for the first week. Then every other day for the second week. Then slowly ease back from there. There you go, you planted a tree, and made a difference by saving the earth with the more trees to strive for in the future!

You can plant a tree with your family, play some music, drink some water out on a hot summer day, and have a fun time planting. Be one with Earth, and save Earth. Take pictures, selfies, and just be a Tree Hugger anytime you get the chance! Let’s not end up like the Earth from Wall-E and make it a better place with trees! For more information about Earth Day events this month, visit: