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Royal Purple

Feature: Warhawks sports’ No. 1 super-fan

Feature: Warhawks sports' No. 1 super-fan

April 9, 2014

  April 9, 2014 By Emma Cunningham   You’ve seen him in the weight room while athletes are working out. You’ve seen him downtown on Saturday nights, and you’ve seen him in the stands at the games. If there is any Warhawk that truly bleeds purple, it is Tom Lange. Born and...

Final funds raised for Whitewater K-9 unit

Final funds raised for Whitewater K-9 unit

February 12, 2014

Feb. 12, 2014 By Emma Cunninghham   After more than a year’s worth of fundraising, the Whitewater Police Department finally reached its financial goal of $45,000 and will soon bring on its newest member, a Labrador retriever. The first ever K-9 unit will be used throughout the Whitewater...

Students enter international photo contest

Andre Ferrella

February 5, 2014

Feb. 5, 2014 By Emma Cunningham   After returning home from traveling abroad, UW-Whitewater students were given the opportunity to enter photos from their travels into the university’s First Annual International Photo Contest. The purpose of the contest was to highlight and promote...

Witches of Whitewater: The truth behind the legend

October 30, 2013

  By Emma Cunningham   You’ve probably heard the horror stories or seen the eerie movie trailer about the infamous “Witches of Whitewater.” Although it is hard to say what is true about the local tales, during this time of year you can’t help but get a dark and creepy feeling. The...

Living under an ‘umbrella’

October 2, 2013

UW-Whitewater students describe what it’s like living with a unique gender identity By Emma Cunningham   Most college students get used to filling out endless forms and applications that typically have a box to check if you are “male” or “female.” But what if you weren’t sur...

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