New org gives students a jump-start for future

Hailee Jenson, Staff Writer

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater welcomed a new student organization specifically designed for students pursuing a major in corporate health communication: Communicating Health in Practice (CHIP).

CHIP was in the works beginning last January. They held their first meeting Wednesday, Sept. 28, to kick off the start of the school year. With many plans for their first academic year, CHIP works to accomplish their overarching goal to help students grow in the field of
corporate health.

The purpose of CHIP is to help students get thinking about planning for the future.  Students who become members of the organization are given access to a network of professionals, allowing for an opportunity to learn more about what life is like when they step out into the workforce.

CHIP offers students opportunities to participate in both fundraising activities and conference attendance related to health care communication.

The organization will be heading to its first conference: Spark.

“Spark is affiliated with the American Lung Association, every other year they hold a conference to bring together universities and colleges, and are going to discuss tobacco free task force,” Dr. Kate Ksobiech, Associate Professor and advisor for the CHIP organization, said.

During this conference, students will get the chance to networks with other campuses, participate in networking conference calls and
webinar events.

The experience will help students gain practical experience with working on tobacco prevention, as well as learn to be an advocate and help educate their peers on tobacco.

“I was apart of the tobacco free task force, that started with Chancellor [Richard] Telfer and Chancellor [Beverly] Kopper. Its an issue that’s important to me, put a lot of time to it,” Ksobiech said. 

CHIP’s events will continue on Nov. 3 for a networking symposium. This is an event for bringing different fields together such as pharmaceutical and sales.

Students will have a chance to talk to professionals to gain insight on steps to take to get job and experience a day in the life of the job. During this event, students will be exposed to information about graduate school, training and hospitals.

“It is not enough to just get your degree, you need to lay some groundwork,” Ksobiech said.

If a student is interested in becoming a member there are meetings bi-weekly on Wednesdays in Heide 311.  CHIP plans to have speakers present, resume building opportunities and learning how to sell yourself. Students can also look into the ConnectUWW page as well as their for more information.