Kopper discusses state of university

Emily Lepkowski, News Editor

Chancellor Beverly Kopper delivered her second State of the University at Whitewater Address for University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 10:30 a.m. on Aug. 29 in the Young Auditorium.

During the introduction, Kopper recognized faculty and staff for their various years of service and rewards, even creating a new award for the campus’ landscape team for their dedication to maintaining campus grounds.

Kopper reflected on issues that arose from the previous year and the steps taken to resolve and move forward; however, Kopper said she believes there is still work to be done in the upcoming year.

Despite recent changes to tenure policies, Kopper recognized that tenure is “alive and well” on campus. She also voiced her support for the continuation of shared governance to campus groups.

Kopper touched on recent violence in Milwaukee and throughout the nation over the summer, reiterating UW-Whitewater’s promise to parents, students and staff, saying they will do everything in their power to keep people safe, as well as making safety a top priority. Kopper urged people to be part of safety training sessions on campus later this semester, and in upcoming semesters.

Kopper shared information about a day-long training session for sexual harassment that over 60 faculty members participated in. She also announced the availability to online training for every student and faculty member on campus this year.

Kopper addressed some of the “difficult discussions” regarding campus climate that took place last year. She recognized the progress of actions to move forward from the issues  but acknowledged the work is not complete. This fall, Kopper, her chancellor’s cabinet, the academic affairs staff and campus leaders will participate in cultural competency training that will be extended across campus.

Kopper discussed the tight space issues campus is facing by announcing the purchase of the Sentry building that is to be renovated as a community outreach center, which will house an expanded Children’s Center and other campus services.