Homeless college students becomes pressing issue

Logan Lao Xiong

Homelessness is something we seldom think of in an environment where people are bettering themselves through obtaining new skills and professional development, but in our current  21 century there has been wide spread discussion of homelessness among college students. It is very alarming to acknowledge that this exists in such a place in such place that has been in grained in us as a place for students to explore and find what interest them the most as they pursue formal training to potentially  access higher levels of social economic standing. Although these notions are true for most students there are students who unfortunately do not have the privilege and luxury of mobility due to the lack of income to meet the heredities of everyday living such as shelter and food.

It is hard to provide evidence that this issue exists on campuses because of the stigma that comes with homelessness with the feelings of shame and aloneness. Also to have this issue is present and acknowledged at places of education and higher learning may pose threats to the institutions and what they stand for.

While society and the structures that hold it together continue moving forward with innovation, this opinion is not an attempt to point fingers at higher education or put individual blame on homeless student rather this is spreading awareness to the broader audience who may not be inform of homelessness.

As we strive to attain our educational and career goals in this busy day to day world. What can we do besides being an informed bystander of homelessness? Taking action starts with as little as sharing student homelessness with people we interact with every day to bringing this issue to the top of the chain of command to the university governing board and administration.