UW-W alumnus to work in White House

Emily Lepkowski, News Editor

President-elect Donald Trump announced the selection of Whitewater and Delta Chi Alumnus Reince Priebus as his Chief of Staff on Sunday, Nov. 13.

“I was really excited to hear he picked Reince Priebus and also a very proud delta chi,” James Langnes philanthropy chair said. “That’s huge for our organization and it’s really awesome someone can start in a place like Whitewater and rise to Wisconsin, the United States and the world really..”

Priebus served as Whitewater Student Government President in 1993 and chose not to run for re-election at the end of that year.

The Kenosha-native graduated with a degree in political science and English and later went onto law school.

“It’s obviously a testament to the ability of Whitewater to produce successful people and a testament to work ethic while in college with a fraternity, with the student body president, and his professional career,” Langnes said.

In 2007, Priebus was elected chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party as the longest serving Republican National Committee chairman.

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