Common Council prepares for Spring Splash

Inspections, door-to-door campaigns to ready citizens for heavy party traffic

Kolton Hegstrom, Assistant News Editor

Spring Splash continued to command attention at the March 7 Common Council meeting.

City Manager Cameron Clapper got Spring Splash discussions started by not mentioning the event.

“There is not one specific event that we can mention by name,”  Clapper said.

Wisconsin Red and Pumpers and Mitchell’s dropped official sponsorship for the event.

The Spring Splash discussions got rolling with precautionary items the community is going to do to prepare for the weekend.

To start the preparations, Whitewater is going to do inspections of the balconies to figure out how much weight they can support, because that was one of last year’s biggest concerns. The city plans to send out letters to everyone in the community informing them about what to expect and how to react to Spring Splash parties.

Also, the council will be doing a door-to-door information campaign from April 17-19 on streets that are expected to have heavy party traffic to inform residents on what to expect.

Although the discussion started off negatively, it quickly changed into a much more positive conversation. Chief Otterbacher led these positive discussions by bringing up the good that the event brings to the community, such as increased traffic for restaurants and an opportunity to showcase Whitewater to outsiders.

Otterbacher went on to ask the council, “Why are we not promoting where positive things can happen?”

Otterbacher made it clear that the police will be sending lost and heavily intoxicated visitors to the Whitewater Armory at 146 W North Street. The Armory will also have charging stations for phones and serve as a facility for those who get separated from thier friends.

She also talked about how community members can assist with the weekend.

“Be safety ambassadors,” said Otterbacher. “Be ambassadors to help make wise choices, to redirect people if they are making poor choices.”

Council approves squad car

The Common Council unanimously approved a purchase of a new police car. The car is expected to cost $28,100.

The council also unanimously approved a $13,970 change to the Wastewater Treatment Plant Biological Upgrade. The full budget for the treatment plant upgrade is over $1 million.

The last item the council discussed was the possibility of changing the Cable TV Commission into the Community Involvement Commission. The council did not take an official stance on this proposed change.