UW System restructuring official

Nicole Aimone, News Editor

The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents voted to continue forward with the restructuring of the University of Wisconsin-Systems during a Nov. 9 meeting at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Chancellor Beverly Kopper and other UW-Whitewater administrators visited staff and faculty at UW-Rock County, the two-year institution located in Janesville that will be merged with UW-Whitewater in July of 2018. The visit to U-Rock was intended to introduce the staff, faculty and students from both institutions to begin the transition.

“I hope you feel as excited as I do about the many positive opportunities this change will bring to the UW-Whitewater and the Rock County communities,” Kopper said in an email statement to the campus community. “I truly believe we will all be even better together.”

UW-System President Ray Cross focused on clarifying what will happen going forward after the vote in a system-wide statement.

Cross highlighted some important topics students should be aware of, such as making students aware that they are able to continue transferring throughout any UW institution. The system will also continue to offer associate degrees at all two-year colleges. He also explained that tuition will stay on the same for classes that are currently being offered at two-year institutions, all of these in effort to keep higher education accessible and affordable for students, according to the statement.

“Thank you for choosing the UW System for your higher education. We remain committed to your success,” Cross said in an email statement.


Going forward

Changes to the system will go into effect July 1, 2018. A team of staff and faculty from UW-Whitewater and U-Rock have been assembled to help make the merger into one four-year program smooth, Kopper said in a statement. The Transition Advisory Group (TAG), is the group tasked with handling the transition.

Provost Susan Elrod, who will also represent UW-Whitewater on UW system restructuring steering committee, and Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Brent Bilodeau are currently co-chairing the TAG committee.

“We will make this transition in true Warhawk fashion, with respect for shared governance and by involving all constituents,” Kopper said in an email statement. “Our values and student-centered mission will guide us through this process.”

Staff, faculty and students are encouraged to visit the official restructuring website to learn more about the merger, view Frequently asked Questions, as well as submit questions.

The website can be found at wisconsin.edu/uw-restructure.