A day in the life working at the UC

Students share their day-to-day experiences


Kaarin Lorum, Staff Reporter

The James R. Connor University Center, located at the heart of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater campus, offers a sanctuary for students to eat, meet up with friends and enjoy other various activities in the Down Under.

Students also come to the University Center every day to perform various tasks within their jobs.

The University Center offers numerous positions ranging mainly within the realm of customer service. Locations include: the Information Services desk, Hawk Card Office and Roberta’s Art Gallery.

Working in the University Center allows students to a chance to earn money while working within a network that grows  similar to that of a second family.

Kelli Wahlin, a senior majoring in public relations, found a position through a Hawk Jobs (now known as Handshake) posting online for the Information Services desk. She said holding a desk position allowed her to help the students within the community in different ways through customer service skills.

Wahlin and other workers at the Information Services desk answer phone calls, handle inquiries about the lost and found and sell tickets for theatre productions in the Center of the Arts.

Wahlin said she believed this job helped her to get a foot in the door for her current position on campus. She is the publicity assistant for the College of Arts and Communications.

“Working in the UC really opened a lot of doors,” Wahlin said. “You’re never set in one position, and there are opportunities to move forward.”

Wahlin said her job has its pros and cons.

“Crazy things happen like calling the police . . . People being rude or not understanding policies.” Wahlin said, “We had a student walk through the UC with a sword. Don’t know why he was. Called the police.”

Wahlin said she’s learned a lot about other people, mainly in a positive light.

“[Working in the UC] got me a lot more involved,” Wahlin said. “The position became memorable because I felt like I was a part of the community.”

Another perk of the job is having access to events that are offered for UC workers to attend, Wahlin said.

Student workers may also receive gifts or have areas decorated if there is a celebration.

“If it’s your birthday, a banner is up to say so,” she said.  

Senior Janay Newman is a public relations intern and gallery assistant for Roberta’s Art Gallery.

She assists with writing press releases, newsletters, setting up workshops or exhibits and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Newman said she believes the UC staff is a large community in a close-knit atmosphere.

“Everyone is really welcoming, and it is a trend you’ll find all over the UC,” Newman said. “We’re all one big family.”