Parking concerns addressed at WSG

Student leaders call for more communication

Killian Jauch, News Editor

   University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Police Services Chief Matthew Kiederlen and Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs Grace Crickette attended the Whitewater Student Government (WSG) meeting Sept. 17 to answer students’ questions about revised parking regulations.

   Student senators asked Kiederlen and Crickette questions before the meeting was opened to the gallery. Many of the questions revolved around poor communication about the changes.

   “I cannot remember a single meeting last year where we talked about these changes,” WSG President Tom Kind said during the meeting. “I don’t remember any warning about fines going up.”

   While Kiederlen said he did send an email, many WSG senators took issue with the campus police department’s communication with students on parking fees. Kiederlen insisted he has made every effort to be open and honest with all students.

  “It’s easy for people to complain, but at least give me a chance to listen and try to fix things,” Kiederlen said. “I’ll talk to whoever wants to come talk to me.”

   Kiederlen added that he held three open forums on parking at the end of the spring 2018 semester, and he said student attendance had underwhelmed him.

   Crickette responded to questions about the Warhawk Emergency fund, and how financially struggling students are to pay for possible parking tickets.

   “There is always something we can do to help,” Crickette said. “But it takes someone asking questions for us to provide the answer.”

  They made an open call for students to give suggestions for how university officials can better communicate with students.

He also called on students to explain which social media platforms police should use in order to relay pertinent information to students.