‘Never stop pushing’

Commencement speaker Lee excited to speak in front of fellow Warhawks


Killian Jauch, News Editor

   Graduation is quickly approaching, and while all graduates get the opportunity to make their way across the stage when they receive their diploma, only one has the opportunity to speak in front of their fellow graduates.

   This year’s Student Commencement Speaker is Starr Lee. Lee will be receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.

   “It’s so funny now thinking back to that moment that I found out, I went in the bathroom and was like jumping up and down, and crying because I just couldn’t believe it,” Lee said. “I think it got really emotional for me because it had sunk in that this would probably  be one of the most important speeches I’d give in my life.”

   Lee has been an incredibly active member of the Warhawk community during her time here, having been apart of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Forensics team for four years and also a member of UWW-TV. She says both organizations made a large impact on her.

   “Forensics helped me find my voice and my confidence, it also gave me lifelong friends who are now like an extended family,” she said. “I also get so happy and proud thinking about the people who I’ve gotten to work with during my time with UWW-TV News like Kimberly Wethal and Sarah Winkelmann. I appreciate them for both playing a role in my growth as a journalist.”

   There have also been professors and advisers who helped her grow in her time here at UW-Whitewater.

   “One person is definitely Jim Disrude,” Lee said. “He’s really been like a mentor to me during my journey here. He’s taught me that no matter your circumstance, you’re capable of achieving any goal you set for yourself.”

   She also mentioned Professor Jim Mead, along with Dr. David Wachanga and how they helped shape her as a journalist and also a person.

   Although Lee may be approaching her final days as a student at UW-W, she has strong advice for current and future Warhawks.

   “Never let fear stop you from what you are destined for. Never stop pushing towards your dream even through the really bad days,” she says. “Because for every bad day waits so many great ones in front of you. Don’t measure your success by anyone around you, you got this.”