Exciting change for Whitewater business

New downtown location for Cabinets & Design by Cozette


Louis Thompson

photos by Louis Thompson / Photo Editor

Benjamin Pierce, Managing Editor

Cozette Moffatt has been serving the Whitewater community as the owner of Cabinets & Design by Cozette since 2004.

The special order kitchen and bath showroom business received a breath of fresh air in October thanks to a move to a new location.

It’s a move owner Cozette Moffatt is excited about.

“For me it was an opportunity to do something different and just be able to showcase my talent and hopefully gain a little more exposure in the downtown area,” Moffatt said.

The move came up when HSI Rentals owner Bob Freiermuth mentioned the possibility of an opening in one of his buildings to Moffatt. After some thinking, she decided to take the opportunity.

The building that houses the store at 109 N 2nd St. is unique and historic, which adds a nice feel to the business.

“The canvas of the building I think helps really showcase what can be done in homes. I just love the brick walls,” Cozette said of the building, which was built in the early 1900s.

The building was used as a horse carriage manufacturer and meat market in the 1900s. It once served as a bus station in the 1950s. People often walk into the new business and tell stories about what used to happen in the building.

Cabinets & Design by Cozette is on the main floor of the building, which also features apartments on the second floor.

HSI Rentals manager Ben Freiermuth said they are happy the building worked out the way it did.

“Initially we were looking at the building just as a storage unit,” he said.

“We figured out we could put rentals up top with another level, and that’s how it came to be what it is. We’re very thankful that it ended up the way it did,” said Freiermuth.

For Moffatt, now the focus is on continuing to serve the community in a new location. She’s done projects on various homes, businesses and even the university.

“There’s certainly a lot of potential here in Whitewater because people are always changing and remodeling their homes. My kids went to school here, and I attend church here, so I feel really apart of this town,” Moffatt said.

She also said she hopes other businesses will consider moving to the downtown area.

“One of the things that I’m really hoping is that maybe others will take an interest in coming downtown and rehabbing some of the other buildings,” she said. “We still can keep Whitewater vital and a place people want to travel to,” said Moffatt.