New spring courses begin to flourish

Courses find a home on campus


Charlie Fries, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

While registering for classes for the 2019 spring semester, students may have noticed new course opportunities listed on the course catalog.

Last semester The Royal Purple wrote a story introducing a new LGBTQ course entitled Queering American History as well as a new program— Early Child Care Education (ECCE), which is hosted in the College of Education and Professional Studies.

Despite the weather-related issues during the beginning of the spring 2019 semester, Ashley Barnes-Gilbert, instructor for Queering American History, is thoroughly enjoying teaching something new to the 22-person class.

“Based on discussion posts and in-class conversations, this is new material for many of my students,” Barnes-Gilbert said. “We have dug into both historiographical, historical, and theoretical questions regarding the history of sexuality.”

Kyra Tomcheck, a senior Communications major, is attending a different LGBTQ class which includes watching LGBTQ movies, inter-lapping Women’s and Gender Studies with his minor, Film Studies.

“We’re doing Queer Film Series right now, which is really good exposure for students to get a taste of queer filmwork,” said Tomcheck.ww

As for the ECCE program, Carmen Rivers, Senior Lecturer and program coordinator, is being awarded for the program’s success already this semester.

“I was awarded a COEPS Innovational Award for the work done developing this program,” said Rivers. “And I will be presenting two sessions at the T.E.A.C.H. Symposium in North Carolina this April about this work.”

The ECCE program has 9 students actively enrolled in the program as well as an additional seven who are enrolled in the Supporting Dual Languages Learners credential, which is a program that helps teach children who are learning two languages.

Although the semester has already begun, students looking for new courses or to join a new program should contact their academic advisor.