Getting to know the NFL’s newest Warhawk athlete

Biz & Tech Editor dives into the detail’s of Nate Trewyn’s draft experience

Dylan Piccolo, Biz & Tech Editor

Biz & Tech Editor Dylan Piccolo had an opportunity to sit down with UW-Whitewater alum Nate Trewyn to discuss his signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after going undrafted in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Dylan:  What teams expressed the most interest in you before the draft?

Trewyn: Pre-draft there was around 16 teams that were showing interest. The majority of them were interested in me more for free agency. The teams that showed the most interest were the Dolphins, Chargers, Cardinals, and Ravens.

Dylan: When you didn’t hear your name in the draft what were your thoughts?

Trewyn: Getting drafted was a long shot and something I went into the weekend knowing probably was not going to happen. By the end of the draft I knew I was going to Tampa Bay so I was fine with not getting drafted.

Dylan: What was the undrafted free agent process like?

Trewyn: Tampa Bay called my agent late in the firth round and they started contract talks then. By the sixth round I knew that if I were to go undrafted, I would sign with Tampa Bay as they had a great opportunity and a great coaching staff down there. With that being said, the undrafted free agency process was quick and simple for me.

Dylan: Being an undrafted free agent gives you the luxury of picking where you want to go, did you have other offers? Why Tampa Bay?

Trewyn: My agent has done great things for me throughout this whole process, so I knew where ever I ended my agent would steer me in the right direction. There were a few other offers on the table, but Tampa Bay served the best opportunity to be successful in the future. Tampa Bay is a beautiful area that I hope to spend the next chapter of my life at.

Dylan: What is next for you after rookie mini-camp?

Trewyn: Rookie mini-camp is only 3 days, after that OTA’s start a week after and last a little more than a month. Once OTA’s are over, we are given a month off and then the season starts after that.

Dylan: Closing the door on Whitewater, what can you attribute to your time here on campus and on the football team?

Trewyn: I enjoyed every minute of my time while at Whitewater. Being apart of the football team has not only made me a better player on the field, but a better person off the field. I’ll always be thankful for the support from the community and fans, the life lessons taught from our coaches, and the opportunities that have been provided to me by the football program. ​