Org of the week:AMA

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is a very popular and influential organization nationwide, with over 45,000 members. There are also professional chapters of the organization across North America. The organization focuses on advancing the industry of marketing and connecting members.

This week the Royal Purple contacted Lauren Tripoli, Co-President of the AMA chapter here at UW-Whitewater, to find out more about the organization.

Royal Purple: What is AMA’s mission as an organization?

Lauren Tripoli: ​The American Marketing Association is an international, professional society of individual members with an interest in the practice, study, and teaching of marketing.

RP: What events or fundraisers does AMA do around campus that students might be interested in?

Tripoli: AMA has multiple internal competitions throughout the year that students can participate in at a beginner’s level or advanced level.

RP: Are there any prerequisites to join AMA? Do you need to be a marketing major, pay fees or have a certain GPA?

Tripoli: To join AMA, you can be any major as long as you are a full-time student. There is a membership fee of $100 a year or $75 a semester. This fee helps pay for AMA National Dues so we can be an accredited chapter and for travel expenses, the food at events and more.

RP: In what areas in your life have AMA been helpful to you?

Tripoli: AMA has been helpful to me by helping me gain professional and personal experience! There are many times that AMA has prepared me for real-life situations .

RP: Who should I talk to or what should I do if I want to join AMA?

Tripoli: If you want to join AMA you can talk to anyone on the executive board, attend our weekly meetings at 4 p.m. on Wednesdays or find more information on our website,

RP: What are some fun benefits students would get from joining AMA?

Tripoli: Some fun benefits students get from joining AMA are travel opportunities, Bucks games, Brewers games, social events and creating great friends!

RP: What does the organization do for students regarding internships or jobs before and after graduation?

Tripoli: AMA has over 30 corporate partners that offer internships and jobs before and after graduation. We have our partners come in throughout the year with career fairs and networking opportunities.

RP: During your time in the organization, what has been your favorite part about your experience in AMA?

Tripoli: My favorite part about my experience in AMA is developing a relationship with our AMA Advisor, Jimmy Peltier. He is a great mentor and always helps students with their professional careers.