Campus hosts The Bachelor finale watch party

Wild season comes to an end without Peter finding love

Hannah Michalowski, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Season 22 of “The Bachelor” wrapped up Thursday night as students gathered in the Down Under to witness Peter Weber’s happy, or not so happy, ending.

“We have events here every week … everyone is really interested in the season so we thought it would be a big hit,” said UC Entertainment Assistant, Mackenzie Murray.

Students gathered as the finale unfolded, along with a trivia game rewarding prizes. Anyone who tuned into “The Bachelor” this season knows it was one of the craziest yet, and not just because Chris Harrison says so. Almost every contestant was involved in some form of drama and it was unclear whether or not Peter would even make it to the finale. Each week it seemed that a new girl was turning into the ‘season villain.’ Well, almost every girl. Madison and Hannah Ann, the two finalists, were two of the only girls to remain true to themselves and avoid drama as much as possible.

“The drama of the season showed how all the girls are kind of crazy and how they are battling it out for Peter. I had Hannah Ann, Madison, and Kelly in the final three but Hannah Ann to win it all,” said UW-Whitewater student, Thomas Vizek.

The drama didn’t end even as the season wrapped up. Even after Peter proposed to Hannah Ann, he couldn’t seem to get Madison off of his mind. After a month without seeing each other, Hannah Ann flew to LA to see Peter. During that time Peter admitted to Hannah Ann he would not be able to match her affection and commitment. During “After the Final Rose,” Hannah Ann put Peter in his place, and told him he wasn’t even a man.

“I knew whoever Peter chose he wasn’t going to end up with her. I figured it’d be like an Arie or Jason Meznick situation. I was surprised the producers reached out to Madison separately, I thought Peter would’ve done it,” said UW-Whitewater student, Amanda Emran.

During the finale it was revealed Peter and Madison would possibly give their shot at love another chance, although they planned to take it day-by-day. But as the new and final ‘season villain,’ Peter’s mother Barb would have nothing to do with it. She was seen rolling her eyes and even tried to call Madison out on national television. Season 22 of “The Bachelor” was nothing short of dramatic, and fans cannot wait to see how Peter and Madison’s love plays out in the upcoming weeks.