The hunt is on


Jake Schumacher and his hunting party enjoy the rewards of a successful 2019 deer gun season hunt in Park Falls, Wisconsin.

Winter may be famously known as the holiday season, but there’s another popular one as well: hunting season. Many hunters are already out in the fields and forests, while others prepare for the cold months ahead.
The types of hunters are just as diverse as the many different game they hunt such as pheasant, turkey, goose, duck, deer and all kinds of small game. These are just some of the famous hunts held in Wisconsin for those hoping to score big trophies this year.
“I’m looking forward to getting a deer this season,” said sophomore Olivia Dunn. “It’s been a good year for seeing them on the cameras.”
Like seasons before, Dunn will head to northern Wisconsin with her rifle. But unlike prior seasons, this year has presented an ammunition shortage for certain types of guns.

Hunters struggle to stock up and prepare for the season.
“We’re still able to buy shotgun shells with no issue, but any other ammunition for our other guns has been very difficult,” said Morgan Flies. “We’re looking to hunt geese up here in Wisconsin, and deer hunt down in Mississippi.”
The seasons began for most game this fall and many run through January with various specialty hunts.
The pandemic caused changes in regulations and timing for many hunts, as well as unintended impacts due to remote learning.
“For the first half of hunting season I will be at school, but for the second half I will be joining my hunting group in northern Wisconsin,” said Jake Schumacher. “I’m looking forward to spending time with my extended family. I don’t get to see them very often and hunting season is a very good opportunity for me to spend quality time with my uncles and my cousins.”
Hunting season is a time for getting outdoors and taking part in family traditions. Despite the ammo shortage, hunters look forward to this time of year. Outdoorsmen and women can purchase licenses through the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources online.