Later, skater


Leena Hallock

Freshman Angel Navarrete steps off his skateboard to say hello outside Heide Hall Nov. 8.

Leena Hallock, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

You’re walking through campus to class. You hear a noise start to approach you from behind, and you watch someone zip past you on their skateboard. Skateboarding is a noticeably popular form of transportation on the UW-Whitewater campus this year. Skateboarding allows people to get from the faraway dorms down to the center of campus near Main Street in a shorter amount of time. 

Although not everyone is popping ollies, we do have some talented skateboarders here in Whitewater. Freshman Angel Navarrette has developed a passion for skateboarding throughout the years and brought that talent to UW-W. 

“ I skate around campus because it gets me there faster and I really like how accessible the university is. It has a lot of ramps and hills which are super fun.” 

Navarrette has a big heart for skating, so much so that by next semester he hopes to create a skateboarding club with other skaters on campus. 

Growing up I have always wanted to learn how to skateboard because in my hometown of Beloit, Wisconsin there is a pretty big skater population attending two large skate parks. I tried a few times, but I’ve always been worried about hurting myself. Maybe next semester we can learn from the pros together in the skate club.