Campus crime drops in November

Ben Yang, Journalist

The University Police Department logged fewer violations in the month of November according to the Daily Activity, Crime and Fire Log.

Surmounting the on-campus crime logs for the month of November, the most frequent activity reported was for just six cases of drug-related violations. 

The second most reported crime on campus was three cases of drug/underage alcohol possession.

Harassment, disorderly conduct, theft and vandalism all had two reported cases for each in the crime log for November.

Fraud, disorderly conduct/drugs, traffic stop/drugs, and drugs/underage drinking each had one case reported in the log.

With each crime that is recorded into the log, there is additional information that goes along with the reported crime as well. The additional information includes the classification of the crime, the case number, the date and time of when the crime was reported, the date and time of when the crime occurred, the general location of where the crime took place and the disposition of the crime.

The disposition section of the log contains information about the state of the case. The case could be labeled as cleared, cleared by arrest, inactive, referred to a correctional source or under investigation.

Along with the crime log, the website also keeps track of the activity log and fire log. The activity log focuses on the tasks and/or duties that the campus police have completed on campus. The fire log keeps track of any fire-related occurrences on the UW-W campus.

The University Police Department continues to monitor the campus community for crime and fire-related activity. For more information visit the Daily Crime, Fire and Activity Log

Crimes on the UW-W campus in the month of November:

Fraud: 1

Harassment: 2

Drugs: 6

Disorderly conduct/drugs: 1

Drugs/ underage alcohol possession: 3

Traffic Stop/ Drugs: 1

Drugs/ Underage drinking: 1

Disorderly conduct: 2

Theft: 2

Vandalism: 2