How to celebrate Black History Month


Dauntae Green, Lifestyle Editor

Black History Month is a time to celebrate the heritage and achievements of African Americans, recognizing the major impact they have on America. The importance of this month touches upon special events, famous African American individuals, all of the things they have created for our society and more. There are many ways to celebrate Black History Month through music, donations, movies, art, culture, organizations, communicating with others, books and so much more!

There are a variety of movies, art, books, and music that we can appreciate.  Many are important opportunities for audiences to embrace moments of Black history and celebrate the culture such as 12 Years a Slave, 42, Selma, Hidden Figures, The Help, Malcom X, and Do the Right Thing to name a few well known films. Within the Black community a huge staple in their culture is the music they create and how they use it to reflect their own individuality. Many genres of music have had strong Black influence or origin such as gospel, R&B, jazz, rap, soul and blues, with iconic artists like Aretha Franklin, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Prince, Michael Jackson, and Marvin Gaye. Books created by Black authors are influential for the Black community and provide insight for others into their rich culture, including Langston Hughes poems, “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas, “Homecoming” by Yaa Gyasi, “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker and “Kindred” by Octavia E Butler.

Aside from movies, music and books, other ways to actively celebrate and appreciate Black culture is to do small things that can be personal and impactful. You can support a business, donate to an organization and show your support to minority media. You can just attend cultural events in the community, engage in a healthy professional conversation about racism and call out the racism and prejudice happening in the community. Lastly, you can just learn the history African Americans, famous individuals, and read the famous Martin Luther King, Jr. speech “I Have a Dream.”  

It is a time to celebrate Black History Month!

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