A Whitewater summer


Robbie Elsbury, Jr.

Senior Ryan Piontek plays frisbee golf at Hoffman Field.

Carina Lopez Quintero, News Editor

Summer looks a lot like getting caught up, finally reading that crime novel and working on your summer body. This year UW-Whitwater will remain open again for students to do those things on campus.
University Housing and Recreational Sports & Facilities will be available for the convenience of those who choose to stay. Although not typically a popular vacation spot, the campus could be a nice alternative to moving back in with your crazy family for three long months.
Often students stay in Whitewater because of the proximity to their jobs or internships in the surrouding area.These are an important first step into the job market at the local community level. Major cities are just around an hour away for those trying to make it big and there’s even some student employment available on campus.
The tennis courts, trails, athletic fields and disc golf course are open all summer long. Students just need to bring their own equipment.
The weight room and pool will also be open with the same restrictions as during the semester. There is no plan yet to have organized intramural sports, but that can always change.
“We want to hear what they want to do,” said Interim Director of Recreational Sports Therese Kennedy. “If there’s a group of students that say ‘hey we really want to get a sandpit volleyball league going,’ we may just go and set it up.”
UW-W is prepared to make everyone’s stay as enjoyable as possible, but summer on campus is subject to change. University Housing will follow CDC guidelines according to what’s happening at that time, Executive Director of University Housing Frank Bartlett said.
“We’re just looking to be available to any students that need housing over the summer because some people don’t have anywhere to go, so we’re their alternative,” said Bartlett. “It’s based on the circumstances we find ourselves in, but it seems to be everchanging.”
So consider sticking around campus and turn into a townie this summer. Lounge on the lawns and stroll the city streets. It might be just the break you’ve been needing.