Black Friday is becoming Black November

Felicity Knabenbauer, Lifestyle Editor

Black Friday shopping is starting earlier and earlier with each passing year. While traditionally Black Friday shopping is to be the Friday after Thanksgiving, in recent years, this has not been the case. Today we are seeing many Black Friday deals spanning across the month of November. Just about as soon as we put away the Halloween decorations, we take out our wallets to jump on the many Black Friday deals that have begun popping up all over town and online.

We can see this trend begin to take place at Whitewater’s Walmart with signs that read “Black Friday pick up” in bold lettering. This is not surprising however, as many are excited to begin as early as possible with their Christmas shopping. Some of the most popular items being searched for this year are the Nintendo switch, Smart TVs and apple watches. 

Because the Black Friday deals begin rolling in well before Thanksgiving many are taking advantage of this to buy Thanksgiving inspired decor and food on a budget before the holiday. One popular item that has been seen on many pinterest boards are “Thanksgiving charcuterie boards” These delicious arrangements usually have an array of thanksgiving themed treats on them such as cranberries, thinly sliced turkey, small decorative pumpkins, butternut squash dipping sauce, different types of nuts and so much more. If one does not want to try and make the charcuterie board themselves there are many Black Friday deals online offering to make them for you.

This year is something special as we are making our way out of the pandemic and back into stores. Although some may see the early onset of Black Friday as a hindrance, it should instead be something to take advantage of and hopefully curb the Black Friday disasters that seem to happen each year in stores around the country. We shouldn’t be pushing each other over for one shot Black Friday deals. With money being tight for many individuals in the midst of the pandemic, there should be more than one opportunity to get inexpensive Christmas gifts for their loved ones.