Game day air fryer snacks


Felicity Knabenbauer, Lifestyle Editor

The games are upon us… The Olympic games that is! The winter Olympics, along with Superbowl weekend have dominated the month of February. This makes it the perfect time to indulge in some airfryer game day snacks. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different foods that can be put into an air fryer. These are just a few ideas to get started making your superbowl chow. But first we must ask ourselves, what makes the airfryer better than other cooking methods?

Not only are they convenient, as there is no need for preheating it but they can cook the food much faster as well. The perk of using no hot oil and less dirty dishes during the frying process is a plus in any situation as well. Others simply appreciate the healthier cooking process that still allows them to partake in their favorite fried foods. This, along with a simpler cleaning job have people raving for this appliance.

Around 40% of Americans have an air fryer in their homes, making the appliance’s popularity equal to that of the coffee maker. The buzz surrounding this appliance has led to an abundance of creativity when it comes to the world of air fryer food creations. One google search of “air fryer foods” will bring up over 59 million results to choose from. While some will simply go to the grocery store and buy from the frozen food section, others will go all out by making handmade ingredients to cook in their air fryers.

“I love my air fryer. I like to make homemade french fries in them by just cutting up the potatoes and putting a little bit of oil on them, salt and pepper too. Then, I stick them in for about a half hour. They come out perfect every time. Also, mozzarella sticks. I make those homemade too. I take string cheese and put breadcrumbs on them. I also have these fish filets that I like to use to make sandwiches. I make handmade tartar sauce with it,” said junior University of Wisconsin Whitewater English major Kristen Boher.

Some popular finger foods to throw into an air fryer that would make delicious snacks while watching the olympics or the superbowl include pizza rolls, chicken wings, meatballs, coconut shrimp, egg rolls, chicken tenders, and much more! There are also amazing vegetarian options too such as fried pickles, stuffed mushrooms, onion rings, jalapeno poppers, buffalo cauliflower and sweet potato fries, whether homemade or store bought is up to you.

Enjoying a relaxing game day takes little effort when you combine it with easy cooking as well. 

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