DIY Valentine’s Day cards


Felicity Knabenbauer

UC Manager Anna Cernohous, waits patiently at the sign in desk for students to arrive and make their Valentines day cards.

Felicity Knabenbauer, Lifestyle Editor

Making a gift by scratch can at times be seen as being cheap or old fashioned. However, when the craftsmanship is well done the gift can be appreciated all the more because of the effort. For this reason is why DIY, also known as do it yourself, has become a popular and mainstream way to get a little crafty while also staying on a budget.

There are numerous ways to DIY such as building furniture, creating artwork and especially making gifts for loved ones. Valentine’s day especially is a popular time to DIY where many individuals are making Valentine’s day cards with just their hands and a few supplies to work with.

The idea to have the students at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater make DIY Valentine’s day cards came to Art workshop coordinator Danielle Ortega when she was browsing the internet for ideas on what UC Live, a student entertainment group, could host to celebrate this upcoming Valentine’s day Feb. 14.

“We find a lot of our ideas and concepts on Pinterest. I originally just saw a picture of someone who had decorated a Valentine’s Day themed card on Pinterest and decided on that,” said Ortega.

The night arrived Wednesday, Feb. 9 when students who had RSVP’d online could come to the warhawk’s connection center inside the University Center to create their masterpieces using colored pencils and yarn while also getting the opportunity to hang out with other students in an artsy environment.

“There are only three tables and there are ten people at each table, so I am hoping that people come together and make friends while they’re here,” said Ortega, “I just want people to have a good time and make cards for their loved ones, friends or family.”

Just about anyone can DIY whatever their heart desires this Valentine’s Day so do not be afraid to stop at the local arts and crafts store and begin to get crafty.

With all the possibilities the internet has to offer in terms of DIY crafts there will never be a time where one runs out of ideas on what to create.

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