It’s time to dye


Felicity Knabenbauer

Outside view of Bellezza Hair Design and Spa

Felicity Knabenbauer, Lifestyle Editor

Dying one’s hair is not something new and has been a practice throughout human history going as far back as the stone ages for a variety of different reasons. Some dyed their locks for religious rituals and to look more fearsome during war, but most have done so for cosmetic reasons. People do it to cover the signs of aging, or simply experiment with a fun and unique shade to add a bit of color to their everyday lives. 

However, deciding to dye your hair a funky and fresh color has been a taboo subject for Americans for quite some time. Like tattoos, there are many who see the prospect of dying one’s hair to be a far too permanent and silly of a  decision for anyone to make. But let’s be honest, life is too short to think in these ways, meaning even if you decide to go the non-permanent route, there is still ultimately the joy of the experience.

It can be difficult to decide exactly what color to dye your hair when there are so many different colors and shades to choose from. There is also the fact that human beings are attracted to certain colors for different reasons, and reveal what type of person you are from a psychological standpoint. With that in mind, you may even want to share a certain message about yourself through your hair color.

The color black can be seen in a variety of different ways. Some may look at the color and their minds travel to death and everything evil in this world. Others may feel a power resonating from the color that no other can compare. Either way, it can be hard to regret coloring yourself the same shade as a raven.

Psychologically speaking, red is a color to steer clear of as humans naturally see it as one of danger and caution. It can also be extremely difficult to dye your hair back to another color. However, if you wish to resemble that of a powerfully venomous creature such as a black widow or coral snake, then this is the color for you. 

An uncommon hair hue, yet popular color overall, is blue. Blue has a calming and tranquil effect on others, immediately putting them in a more peaceful state of mind. Waking up everyday and looking in the mirror at this color is sure to bring serenity to a person’s day.

Going blonde can take hours of labor at the hair salon if you’re naturally a brunette or darker. Yet, it could all be worth it as having a buttery blonde head gives others the perception of youth and healthiness. There are also numerous types of blonde to explore such as strawberry blonde, platinum blonde and even dirty blonde.

It can be difficult to decide exactly what colors your hair should be. Would orange, teal, purple or even lilac work out best for you? Maybe the solution is to go all out and get every color of the rainbow on different strands of hair. Whatever choice you decide to make can give you a bit of needed change during the stillness of winter. There are numerous hair salons across Whitewater to choose from, such as Botanica Beauty Parlor, Robin’s Nest IV Styling Salon, Bellezza Hair Design & Spa and more.


An array of different shades and colors of dye to choose from at the local Whitewater Walmart
(Felicity Knabenbauer )