What makes UW-W campus the best?


Sophomore Caleb Gough aims to hit the cue ball against a striped ball during a game of pool with junior Steve Tbojevic in the Warhawk Alley.

Ivy Steege, Campus News Editor

It can be hard to choose the best of anything. Some argue that Michael Jordan was the best NBA player of all time, while others stand by Lebron James’ legacy over all others. Individually we all list our favorite things, even if subconsciously. Comparing several people’s answers to these questions is where an actual ranking of the “best” can occur.

Over 630 people responded to the Royal Purple’s annual “Best in Whitewater” poll this year, which was open to anyone in the Whitewater community. From the first of February through the first of March, students and community members alike voted on the locations and experiences that make the town special. Without a doubt, UW-Whitewater helps to make this community memorable compared to others. 

If you’re looking for a place to do activities on campus, the students of UW-Whitewater would suggest you go to the Warhawk Alley. Located next to the Down-Under of the University Center, the alley offers a multitude of fun games and activities.

“Students are usually most excited about bowling and honestly air hockey. A lot of people ask about air hockey. We also have video games, which people love to do. And it’s kind of entertaining to watch too. We have a bunch of video games people can check out,” said junior Sydnie Holmes.

Holmes started working at Warhawk Alley last summer. She states that her main reasoning for applying was the amount of people she could interact with. 

When asked why she thinks Warhawk Alley won first place for Best University Center Entertainment, Holmes was quick to point out the atmosphere and the location it has.

“It’s a very stress-free environment. We offer bowling, pool and table tennis,” said Holmes. “We have a bunch of board games too, and we try to make everything as affordable as possible.” 

After working up a sweat at Warhawk Alley, a person might be looking to get something to eat. Luckily, the winner of Best Campus Dining Location is right upstairs.

For the past four-years. Einstein Bros. Bagels has been voted as the best place to eat on campus. With almost 700 locations around the U.S., the bagel shop appears to be popular past the Whitewater campus. They offer a variety of breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and coffee for students to enjoy with or without a meal plan.

“I think that our customer service is very good, and our food choices. We have a wide-variety of food,” says Einstein Bros. Bagel employee Laura Gray. 

Where might a student hope to head back to after all of this? Starin Hall, soon to be Pulliam Hall, is the main contender. The residence hall hosts a majority of upperclassmen in suite-style rooms, winning first place in Best Residence Hall.

“I think it’s one of the closest experiences that students get to living off campus in the sense that it’s more suite-style,” says Starin Hall Complex Director Sabina Montijo. “You have that common living space. You’re living with your friends or people you know most likely. It’s that next step to kind of developing that sense of self: More independence, more space to clean, more to do in that living space.”

Montijo also wants to thank the staff working in the building for all of their efforts, which she attributes to grabbing the gold medal.

“We have a really great group of RA’s. They’re really committed to making sure students know resources they have, things to do outside of their suite if they choose, and they’re able to connect to the residents in the suite-space as well,” she says. “I would also be remiss without acknowledging that we have a solid facilities crew that helps take care of the building. The environment is a big piece, and they do a good job of maintaining the cleanliness and making sure the space is running right.”’

A common thread can be tied throughout all of these results: Warhawk Alley is known for its atmosphere, Einstein Bagels for its kindness, and Starin Hall for its community. They all help to create an environment that feels more like home to UW-W students. These attributes are what attract potential students to Whitewater, and then continue to keep them coming back even after graduation day.

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Resident Assistants and RHA members from Starin Hall pose with a scary clown before the “Scarin’ in Starin” event.