Best Places in Whitewater to take a walk


Dan Sheeehan

A distance marker sign located along the path of the south Kettle Moraine section of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.

Felicity Knabenbauer, Lifestyle Editor

Whitewater residents are lucky enough to live right next to the Kettle Moraine State Forest. The park won first place in the Royal Purple’s Best of Whitewater survey ahead of Starin Park and Cravath Lakefront Park. It’s a scenic 56,000 acre piece of land that is known for it’s varied terrain and its glacial landforms: kettles, kames and eskers. With summer tapping on our shoulders it is time to figure out what walking trails are the most popular, beautiful and best to take a stroll through, right here in Whitewater.

With more than 106 trails covering 985 miles across lower Wisconsin it can be difficult to decide what trail is the perfect one for you. Fortunately for us all, there are Google reviews to help showcase the best of the best in Whitewater.

One of the most popular places in Whitewater to take a hike with 4.8 stars and nearly 150 reviews is the Natureland park W8338 Territorial Road. Natureland park is home to 122 acres of land with four walking trails located within it, the High Wilderness Storybook trail, the Prairie Storybook trail, the trail of Many Terrains Storybook trail and the Vista Storybook trail. The park’s website provides a map of each of the four trails along with extra information about the paths themselves. This is a great area to enjoy the magnificent Kettle Moraine terrain.

One of the most famous trails is the thousand-mile-long footpath known as the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. There are countless areas on this trail to jump into and begin your walk. One part of the trial specifically is highly recognized among the Whitewater community. With 4.7 stars and nearly a hundred reviews the Ice Age Trail HWY 67 Trailhead is the perfect spot to begin your journey, no matter how long or short. In parts of the trail there is a vast and beautiful prairie to lay your eyes on. A rock formation known only as “Brady’s rocks’ ‘ is a popular sightseeing spot along the trail as well. These stones were quarried to the spot in the 1850’s by an Irish Immigrant by the name of Michael Brody. 

Another widely loved and recognized spot in Whitewater to enjoy the Kettle Moraine terrain is the Nordic Skiing and Hiking Trails N9084 County Road H. With 4.8 stars and over 200 reviews these trails are popular among skiers in the winter but just as equally popular in the summertime. The Ice Age Trail picks up about 1.25 miles north of the Nordic Trail parking lot in case you wish to make the day extra special and hike two trails in one day.

Not everyone enjoys taking a hike through the woods, so why not a leisurely stroll in one of the many beautiful parks here in Whitewater? Cravath Lakefront Park 341 south Fremont street has a short but eye pleasing walking trail along the lake. The Ray Trost Nature Preserve north Fremont street, overlooks the Whitewater creek. A wonderful spot to bike or simply take a seat after a long walk. Finally, there is downtown Whitewater. Not only are there an array of outside dining areas to eat at but also numerous areas to shop and enjoy yourself along the way. 

No matter which trails you decide to venture on or where your feet will take you while on them, all that matters is that the decision was made to partake in an outdoor activity while taking advantage of the benefits of living in a hike-happy city such as Whitewater.

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