Picnics in Whitewater


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Felicity Knabenbauer, Lifestyle Editor

The spring season is upon us and you know what that means?…picnic season! Whitewater is fortunate to have plenty of parks, as well as a huge state forest for residents to appreciate and take advantage of. These areas make the ideal places to bring a picnic basket and feast on some home-made goodies while basking in the sunlight, enjoying some of that fresh air after a long winter. Just watch out for Yogi Bear if you decide to set out your picnic blanket in the Kettle Moraine State Forrest this spring. He has been known to swipe a basket or two.

Some of the best options to bring in your picnic basket are varieties of finger foods that allow for easy  cleanup. A consistent favorite since picnics first became a common warm weather pass time are sandwiches. There are hundreds of different types of combinations to choose from and the classics are obvious to point out such as the ham and cheese, chicken salad sandwich and tuna melts. All packaged neatly in tightly wound up cling wrap or in sandwich bags to ensure it stays fresh on the trip from your home to your favorite picnic stop. Cravath Lakefront Park in Whitewater has a number of picnic tables, a pavilion and plenty of patches of soft, green grass to lay out a red and white checkered picnic blanket and dig into a provolone and swiss with either friends, family, or even on a romantic afternoon with your partner.

Snacks to bring along are equally important to ensuring not only a balanced meal but a delicious one as well. Crackers and potato chips of all varieties have long been established as the necessary crunchy food to accompany a delectable sammy. Throwing some salt and vinegar potato chips on a sandwich can really enhance the flavor experience to the next level. Another salty yet necessary snack is the famed trail-mix: a healthy and delicious combination of nuts rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, dried cranberries, raisins and even chocolate chips to satisfy your sweet tooth.

It would not be a picnic without some colorful, glistering fruit laying out to polish off within the hour. Watermelon is a popular choice along with strawberries, grapes and especially other melons such as cantaloupe and honeydew. All these fruits will make a perfect side dish to the other picnic goodies within your basket. Blueberries, cherries and bananas could do if you’re in a pinch for something fresh to bring along.

There is something that most forget but are for sure going to regret once the picnic feast is nearly complete and that is the desert. While the sweetness of fruit may be enough to curb your sweet craving, there are just too many delectable picnic dessert recipes to be made and so many premade options to choose from. Everything from rich, tart lemon, different flavors of Jello and pudding, brownie bars, and puff pastries are another sweet that can be easily attained at the local grocery store, or made in the kitchen at home.

Lastly, don’t forget to bring your utensils along! If the picnic is to be a romantic one with your partner, remember a bubbly along with two wine glasses. To avoid breaking anything or having to wash dishes when coming back home bring along paper plates and plastic silverware. Napkins, a serrated knife and frozen water bottles to keep the food cool are also helpful suggestions depending on the day. No matter what you bring along however, always remember to throw out your trash or bring it along with you to preserve the beauty of Whitewater.

Spring and summer give so many opportunities to get outside and simply enjoy the two best things about life: nature and food. Take the advantage to pack a picnic basket, big or small and head to your nearest park right here in Whitewater. Other popular picnic spots are Trippe Lake Park, Natureland park and even next to the Birge Fountain on main street.