Adultified Easter baskets


Felicity Knabenbauer, Lifestyle Editor

It isn’t uncommon for many children to grow up and their parents to stop giving them Easter baskets. While this is an accepted circumstance people chalk up to growing older, others are not as accepting of this change. Instead, they simply switch out the bubbles and Easter themed coloring books with throw in their favorite chardonnay and some fancy decadent Easter chocolates. 

Easter is such a nostalgic time for so many Americans it would simply be a waste not to celebrate every part of the beloved holiday. Adults don’t stop receiving Christmas and birthday presents after a certain age, so why shouldn’t it be the same for Easter baskets? 

Besides, it is incredibly easy to make your very own adult Easter basket! Places such as Walmart and Walgreens, both located here in Whitewater, carry a variety of classic Easter basket goodies. It is not difficult to find an abundance of candy and snacks such as peeps which can come in a variety of flavors. Examples seen have been chocolate pudding, cotton candy, fruit punch and even party cake! Jelly beans are another sweet treat that always have a new type of bean to try out and taste. There are also the classics to scope out,  like the chocolate robin eggs, gummy bears and foot-long chocolate bunnies.

When you reach a certain age however, the egg dying kit and wind-up chicks may not be your speed as when you were a child. Instead replace those items with other fun adult-oriented items such as bath bombs, bath salts, adult coloring books, glitter pens, and spring scented candles. Other ideas include beef jerky, wine jellies and lotions.

Another creative and entertaining way to jazz up an adult Easter basket is by taking plastic eggs and place inside age-appropriate items. These can range anywhere from alcoholic shooters to fragrant tea bags. Adding in Easter decorations and themed items such as cute signs, knick knacks and dvd’s is another easy way to give yourself or any other adult the perfect Easter basket.

Growing up should not mean that we slowly miss out on what we have loved since we were children. Easter baskets should be as timeless as dressing in green for Saint Patrick’s day or watching the ball drop on New Years. Don’t be afraid to give into those childhood desires and have yourself an Easter celebration to remember.