Fall fashion arrives on campus


Rori Leonhard

Sophia Kessel shares her love for fashion amongst the art department

Rori Leonhard, Journalist

As the leaves change so does the style. Fashion is defined as a popular trend but students at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater never seem to impress. Hundreds of different styles can be seen amongst campus, all of which sparking their own sense of individuality.

Sophia Kessel, an art education major, uses her inspiration to design outfits that make her happy. Between her avid love of thrift shopping and Pinterest boards, Kessel continues to use her creativity to express her love for fashion.

Sophia Kessel shares her love for fashion amongst the art department (Rori Leonhard)

“To me, my style is just a little preview of who I am,” said Kessel.

Another example of fall fashion trends is the classic pairing of leggings and sweaters. This allows you to both look stylish and keep warm as the season’s temperature begins to decrease. Such an outfit is often paired with a cozy scarf.

Graphic design major, CJ Kaegi, prefers to dress in cooler, more subtle colors as the season grows cooler. Their inspiration stems broadly from art and media, some examples including Tiktok and movies like the Matrix or Hellraiser.

“‘Style’ to me means choosing to present yourself in a way that is unique and interesting, not necessarily just what ‘everyone is wearing’,” said Kaegi. “Sci-fi movies . . . are huge for me when it comes to fashion that’s cutting edge.”

Vintage clothing is also coming back into style, allowing individuals to use their clothing to express their love for the previous eras. Baggy sweaters and mom jeans can be often seen paired together topped off with a pair of converse sneakers. A good place to find clothing such as this would be thrift stores, such as Goodwill, and online shopping sites, such as Shein and Amazon.

CJ Kaegi expresses their preferred style (Rori Leonhard)

Sites such as but not limited to Amazon, Shein, and Fashion Nova all sell trendy clothing. The University Bookstore also has plenty of clothing you can style over a cozy hoodie.