Wrestling freshman ready to fight


Evan Danowski

Evan Danowski

Kevin Cramer, Assistant Mens Sports Editor

Evan Danowski is a freshman on the UW-Whitewater Wrestling team. Adjusting to college life is a tough task for anyone, and adjusting to the student-athlete college lifestyle is an even taller task. Despite this he has adapted well. Danowski was able to advance at the Pointer Open in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, with two consecutive wins before falling to a wrestler from the University of Wisconsin.


Q: What were your personal goals coming into this season? 

A: I would say, my number one personal goal was for wrestling, at the conference tournament I want to place top three. That was my number one goal coming into this season really as a freshman. Obviously, overall my biggest goal is to place at the NCAA Tournament, but as a freshman, I think that’s pretty unrealistic for me right now. Placing at conference would be a great step to achieve the ultimate goal, so my short term goal is to place top three at the conference tournament. 


Q: How has the season been going for you?

A: The season is going pretty good. I think, so far, for the tournaments, it’s going pretty good. I’m still adjusting to weight classes. That’s a big thing right now. I’m at 174 right now, so it’s a little bit rough. I haven’t been 174 in a while, so I think I’m going to go back to 184. I think it’s going to go a lot more smoothly during the season for me, but right now the tournaments are going pretty good. 


Q: Which conference matchup are you most excited for?

A: Definitely La Crosse. I would say La Crosse for sure because they are also doing really good right now. I heard they placed the highest out of our conference at Nationals last year, so I’m definitely excited to see how our team matches up against them


Q: How have you done adapting to now being a college athlete?

A: I’ve done pretty well actually. I like it a lot more than high school for sure. It’s because the team is way closer and the team helped me adapt really fast. It wasn’t awkward trying to get to know anyone. They made it really easy and for school, our coaches set time out for us for school and work. If we’re struggling, he’ll help us. If we’re not struggling, and if we just need time to study or something, he’ll set off time for us each week where we can go and get a quiet place to study. The coaches are making school really easy for me too. Everything’s going really easy for me honestly. 


Evan Danowski and the Warhawks wrestling team will travel to Concordia (Wisconsin) Saturday, Nov. 19. The wrestling team’s next home match will be on Thursday, Dec. 8 against UW- Eau Claire.