Looking for a job?


Photo taken from RA website.

Libby Nabhan, Campus News Editor

Looking for jobs on campus? There are many jobs on campus that are available to students that are a way to not only get involved but to also help to get the most out of the jobs offered on campus. Of the jobs available, two of them have their applications due soon; this being the peer mentoring program for anyone heading into their second year, and the resident assistant position, for anyone that has lived for more than one semester in the dorms. 

The job of peer mentoring is to assist new students into acclimating into college, whether they are incoming freshmen or transfer students. These mentors will help the students with their ‘new student seminar’ class, which is required, and will be used as a resource for students that are looking to become more involved. This job includes doing an application, including a resume, and a letter of recommendation. If the application reaches the requirements, then they will be asked for an interview; the decisions will be made by spring break 2023. Peer mentors will be welcoming the students with “Warhawk Welcome” in the fall, and will be required to go through a fall training to help the students have the best experience.

“Students gain self confidence in themselves when it comes to leading large groups, facilitating groups, and public speaking. Students grow in their leadership abilities,” said Jenny Krzyszkowski, Manager of Mentor Programs; on the topic of what the students can gain from becoming a peer mentor. This job gives students the opportunity for growth not only with the incoming students but also forming connections with faculty and staff outside of their major. Students are able to meet other students interested in community and campus events. 

The Resident Assistant position consists of the student applying through the online application, including taking a quiz, having a letter of recommendation and a current RA filling out a form. There is an online application that includes a set of basic questions, and then leading you to a page that has any further information for the position. The job of an RA is to be a resource for the residents, plan programs each week, and be a community leader. This job requires leadership skills as many students living in the dorms are first years, and they need direction as to how to ‘do college’ in their first semester. You are able to apply to be an RA either in the spring for the fall term, or in the fall for the spring semester. 

“This is an amazing opportunity and I would absolutely encourage people to apply,” said Adam Pound, Resident Assistant on campus. He says that this job gives him the confidence to be a leader for the students, not solely a resource for them to use if they need help. Pound also explains that something important to mention for applying is that this job requires 20 hours a week for being involved; therefore if you are in a lot of commitments, it may be good to think about dropping some, otherwise the time will take over. Overall, Pound recounts that even though it sounds scary, it is such a good opportunity not only for becoming confident, but for being involved on campus. 

The applications for the peer mentor program are due on Feb. 13, and to find more information, visit the Peer Mentor Program website or contact Jenny Kryszowski in the FYE office. And, the RA application is due Feb. 14, and to find more information, visit the Resident assistant website or contact  [email protected]. And to find more information about jobs on campus, visit the student employment website.