A taste of the world

International Dinner 2023


Katie Popp

Members of the Southeast Asian Organization perform a traditional dance showcase during the 2023 International Dinner located in the Hamilton Room of the University Center.

Katie Popp, Campus News Editor

The food was prepared by dining hall staff with recipes provided by students in the ISA. Foods from China, Israel, India, Ireland, South Korea, Denmark, and Italy. (Katie Popp)

The 2023 International Dinner hosted by the International Student Association welcomed students, staff, and members of the Whitewater community to taste and experience experiences from around the world on Mar. 10, 2023, in the Hamilton Room of the University Center.


Belly dancer and musical team Leah Picardi/Nazario Chickpeazio/Bella Luna perform an original piece. (photo by Katie Popp)


Sophomore Sophia Floss performs a vocal composition of “I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith. (photo by Katie Popp)


The Warlettes Dance performs showcases featuring different dances from different eras of music. (photo by Katie Popp)