Donating blood saves lives


Photo taken from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater online news letter; explaining the time and date of the spring blood drive.

Libby Nabhan, Campus News Editor

The blood drive was on Tuesday, April 4, and was hosted in the Esker Hall, on the campus of University of Whitewater; and ran from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm. The blood drive was hosted by the Tri Beta Honor Society of UWW, and was hosted by Versiti Blood Center. The Versiti Blood Drive Center is the donation organization for the state of Wisconsin that will directly send blood donations to be put into transfusions. They are based not only in Wisconsin but also in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio; with their closest location to campus being in Milwaukee. The Tri Beta Honor Society is a student organization on campus that is heavily involved with philanthropy and is a society for students with honors goals. Tri Beta is  student organization comprised of students from the College of Letters and Sciences; and the involvement of students is to increase social and professional experiences for students looking to go into graduate school in the sciences. 


The drive was available for students to walk in or schedule an appointment day of; this made sure that students were able to make appointments to donate online or walk in and donate. With each donation came a $10 e-gift card for contributing to the drive. There were snacks available before and after, as to make the students feel comfortable and to prevent passing out. Donating blood helps to save lives because transfusions are found to effectively help those with low iron, decreased immune system, and post – surgeries. 


We hope to see you all there!” said Tri Beta, on their note that was posted on the UWW weekly newsletter online. Their goal was to have as many donations to help support those that aren’t as fortunate with their health. This event happens each year in the spring and is hosted on 2 days per year.


“I’m grateful they host a blood drive on campus because it is an accessible opportunity for students to help save lives.” said Alaina Jacobs, freshmen, on why it is important to have that opportunity to be able to donate something on campus that the students have readily available. The blood drive was hosted because students are able to donate with or without signing up beforehand. The environment was said to be upbeat and happy throughout the entire event, getting a good environment for the students. The staff from Versiti would take the blood pressure, heart rate, and iron levels; then set the student down and begin taking blood. Then they would have the students stay until they were fully functional, and would let them exit. The event was heavily populated the entirety of the time. 


There will be another blood drive on April 25, in Esker Dining hall and will be available from 12pm – 6 pm. To find out more information about Tri Beta Honor Society and blood drives can be found on the Warhawk Weekly (