Reid scores for the history books

Reid on pace to break scoring record after claiming goals mark


Senior forward Brianna Reid has already set the Warhawks career goals (56) record this season and is two points shy of the career points mark in school history. Reid’s play is a big reason why the Warhawks are currently No. 6 in the nation. Photo by Kim Gilliland

Josh Sinclair, Assistant Sports Editor

56 is a number. 56 is the number of consecutive games in which New York Yankees’ Joe DiMaggio had a base hit in 1941, still a record. 56 is the number of men who signed the Declaration of Independence. 56 is the car number of Ray Peyton, Jr. in Herbie: Fully Loaded.

56 is also the number of goals it would take to break the record for goals in the history of Warhawk soccer. That’s exactly what senior forward and team captain Brianna Reid did.

Reid started scoring goals for Whitewater back in 2013.

“I remember I didn’t start the first game,” Reid said. “But I still got some time, it was in the second game when I scored my first goal and I thought ‘hey, maybe I can play college soccer.’”

And play she has. Reid has played in 5,194 minutes since she got to campus, including every single game over the past four seasons, starting in 80 out of the 83 the team played.

Reid didn’t get time by accident. She proved herself to a leader on the field from
the beginning.

As a freshman, Reid led the team in scoring, goals, game winning goals and was second on the team in assists.

“I didn’t even know if I was going to play at all when I came into college,” Reid said. “I just loved playing and had the opportunity so I ran with it.”

As a sophomore, Reid was a juggernaut offensively, scoring 31 points on the season.

Reid’s knack for finding the goal is no accident. Being 5’9” and the fastest player on the field helped Reid get the advantage.

“When I first came in as a freshman, and even as a sophomore, I had no moves, I would just rely on my speed,” Reid said. “But it’s something I’ve worked on more and more, and now I can use my footwork and speed to beat the defense.”

In her more recent seasons, Reid has cemented herself as the best soccer player in
Warhawk history.

Reid has not only been breaking individual records, but helping the team break
records as well.

Showing potential and racking up stats in her first two seasons have translated into being elected captain and helping lead the team in the past two seasons.

In 2015, the Warhawks had the best record in school history and the team had the farthest run in the NCAA Tournament the Warhawks have ever had.

“We have had the best run in school history over the past four years,” Reid said. “But I still want to build on it, I think we can win a championship. That is our goal this season, and everyone knows it, we are going for the National Championship.”

Reid has proved herself to be the most prolific soccer player in Whitewater history. The two-time reigning WIAC offensive player of the year is just two points short of setting the program record for points as well.

Reid has never failed to be first team All-WIAC. Lead by Reid last season the Warhawks scored the most goals in program history as well as the most assists in a season by a single squad.

“I haven’t even comprehended the history,” Reid said. “I am still waking up every day, going to workouts, going to practice, hanging out with the team and so I haven’t had time to think about the perspective.”

The Warhawks have relied on Reid to be the leading scorer and over the past four seasons she has come through, getting better each and every year. Topping out with the best start this season.

The Warhawks are 13-1 this season, with wins over five nationally ranked teams including the third ranked team in the nation at the time, the University of Washington-St.Louis. The Warhawks have climbed up the national polls to No. 6.