Mary Poppe Chrisman Success Center to aid in bettering success of UW-W students


Kimberly Wethal

Chancellor Beverly Kopper and Byron “Chris” Chrisman, the benefactor for the Mary Poppe Chrisman Success Center cut the ribbon to officially open and dedicate the building on Friday, Oct. 13.

Ross Guyete, Staff Writer

A dedication ceremony was held on Friday, Oct. 13, for the Mary Poppe Chrisman Success Center, as alumni, students and staff were all at hand to celebrate the dream of alumni to promote student success.

Mary’s late husband, and benefactor for the building, Byron “Chris” Chrisman, shared a heartwarming story at the of event of what motivated him.

Chrisman was quick to emphasize education as a lifelong passion and pursuit of Mary’s, as she had taught in Wisconsin and Colorado over a 4-year span.

Mary would have “loved a facility like the Success Center, he said. “She had a passion for Teaching and would have relished the opportunity as a Tutor when she was on campus.”

Mary Poppe, a Cedar Grove native, attended University of Wisconsin to study mathematics in 1974. She married fellow student Chrisman on the day she received her Bachelor’s Degree.

The couple then moved to Colorado, where she earned her master of science at the University of Colorado under a National Science Foundation Scholarship. Her professional life included teaching, computer programming and accounting.

Making the Success Center a reality in Mary’s spirit will go a long way for students, as they gain a valuable tool to supplement their education. The Building will offer many programs to students to better prepare them for a successful future.

Programs like supplemental instruction will aim to benefit the student and instructor making the experience both helpful and fun.

Construction of the center started in the summer of 2016.