Kind and Miller run for head seats at WSG table

Pair sees potential in Kind’s re-election bid


Photo courtesy of Tom Kind

Current student body president Tom Kind, left, with his vice-presidential candidate Zoe Miller.

Benjamin Pierce, Assistant News Editor

Tom Kind could be the fourth-ever Whitewater Student Government (WSG) president elected to a second consecutive term. The junior economics major is running against Pasan Samaranayake in the WSG presidential election, which ends today.

He is running alongside third-year student Zoe Miller.

Miller has served as the Ritual and Send on Chair for her sorority, the Vice President of Freedom Force, PR Chair for Fearless United, Academics Chair for the Panhellenic Council and President Elect for the same council. She currently serves as Associate Director of Student Affairs for WSG.

Kind said a re-election would allow his cabinet to hit the ground running next year.

“We’ve started a lot of projects under this administration that I would like to see completed under a second term,” he said. “Everyone can be a leader, but sometimes you need that institutional knowledge. If I am re-elected to a second term, we can hit the ground running in year two.”

One of the big projects is the progress made on the UW system merger and the impending merge between UW-Rock County and UW-Whitewater.

“I think it would be really hard for someone else to step into this situation and have the whole story,” Kind said. “We have built a lot of relationships with faculty as far as sharing governance, and I believe I have the strongest capability of continuing that.”

If re-elected, his focus would be on maintaining relationships.

Kind said helping to make sure the restructuring of the UW system goes smoothly and ensuring strong communication throughout the process would be a big focus for his administration.

“Everything is at such a fast pace, and we have already developed some great relationships with students at Rock County, and I am very excited about that,” Kind said.

The Kind administration would also focus on civil discourse and communication between students in various colleges as well as the community. Comfort for students in the classroom to foster a better learning environment would also be a topic of discussion.

His running mate is excited for the possibilities as well.

“We want to ensure equitable opportunity to both campuses. We will remember our past and focus on the even greater accomplishments our students will achieve and we will be there to support them in achieving their potential,” Miller said.

Kind said he is just as excited.

“The opportunities that come from a second term are amazing. Everything I do is about service to the people around me and everything that I want to do is about giving back to campus so that we can move forward together.”

Kind said WSG has been working this year to be stronger than ever before, and he feels process has been made. He said his bid for re-election is a chance to finish what he started.

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