Friendly competition fosters creativity

Students, orgs decorate for Homecoming Parade


Brenda Echeverria, Arts & Rec Editor

Homecoming can be the time for a little friendly competition as first year students, Greek life and student organizations compete against each other during Homecoming events, which begins Oct. 15 and ends Oct. 20.

“When it comes to judging for winners a lot of it has to do with creativity,” said Homecoming chairwoman Kayla Tevepaugh.

The judges for the events consist of past students from the Homecoming Student Committee, staff, alumni and others who have ties to the university and who understand what it means to be a Warhawk.

Every year there is a theme for Homecoming. This year’s theme is “Blast off 1868—To Whitewater and beyond.”

Tevepaugh said she wants to see what Whitewater means to students when it comes to their organizations and how closely it ties in with their lives. She wants to see excitement and how students are able to incorporate the theme.

“We don’t want to see anything be forced. We can kind of tell when someone is being forced or if it’s natural,” Tevepaugh said.

A student organization that was involved in many of the events last year was the student-run radio station 91.7 The Edge.

For Homecoming week 2017 they came in second place but are bringing their spirit and creativity back this year in hopes to win first place.

Rachel Charniak, promotions director at the station, was in charge of organizing a lot of the radio station’s involvement in the events last year and thinks that Homecoming is a good way to connect with other organizations and have fun. She added that winning is just a plus.

Last year, the organization decorated a car with album covers for the parade, as well as participated in a contest where they decorated the radio station’s desk.

Station manager Amanda Gilbert is especially looking forward to this year’s parade. She thinks they have a great idea for this year and is excited for everyone to see it.

“Participating also creates a sense of community,” Gilbert said, who believes that being involved is good because it lets people get to know the station as well as other organizations.

Charniak believes competing against other organizations is all in good fun because in the end everyone is supporting the university.

“Even though everyone is competing against each other, we are doing it for the same common goal,” said Charniak. “We are doing it because we are proud of our school and we are proud of the organizations we are a part of.”