Creating an IMPACT

Student organization to celebrate LGBTQ+ community at event

Shannan Lojeski, Assistant News Editor

Not every student receives love and support when they go home for Thanksgiving. IMPACT, the LGBTQIA+ student organization at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, recognized this and decided to host an event in hopes to include all individuals.

“Not every person has the luxury to be their true, authentic selves when they go home for the holidays so Queersgiving was created to provide the support for those who need it” said President of IMPACT Kyra Tomcheck.

Queersgiving will be held in at 6 p.m. on Nov. 27 in the University Center room 68.

Kaya Saia, marketing direct for IMPACT explained that hosting a Thanksgiving event after the holiday was not a mistake.

“We are intentionally hosting Queersgiving after Thanksgiving in hope that it will be a comfort to those who have intense home lives and provide a sense of community for LGBT+ individuals on this campus, especially during chaotic holiday times” said Saia.

In this fall semester, IMPACT has co-hosted with the Pride Center located in Winther for events like LGBT+ crash courses, queer karaoke, coming out panels, and an all gender scavenger hunt amongst many others. IMPACT also host the annual drag show with local drag kings and queens coming from all across Wisconsin.

“We also plan on facilitating Trans Day of Resilience, Holigays, our 10th annual drag show, and the Midwest Bisexual Gay Lesbian Transgender Asexual/ally College Conference,” Tomcheck said.

IMPACT is an org has been established at UW-W for over forty years.

The org provides a confidential and safe place for LGBTQ and ally students to socialize and share their experiences and struggles with others. The e-board and members hope to foster and maintain a sense of belonging for students of all gender identities, races/ethnicities, sexualities, ages, and abilities.

“You don’t have to be a member of the LGBTQ community to attend” said the Social Coordinator for IMPACT Samual Gauthier. “It’s just a safe space for anybody to come and feel accepted. We love allies who show their support for the community and are actively seeking knowledge about our community.”

Stephanie Selvick, the LGBTQ Coordinator for UW-W’s Career & Leadership Development department shared IMPACT’s excitement in the introduction of a new learning community “Purple Pride” on campus and their goal for their upcoming event.

“We host a number of opportunities for community building, education, and activism including Queersgiving” said Selvick. “We know that the oppression minority populations can take a huge toll on physical and mental wellness. Queersgiving provides LGBTQ students a space to be in community and recharge before finals.”

IMPACT’s general member meetings are every Tuesday in the University Center room 68.

All events and contact information can be found on their Instagram (@uwwimpact) and Facebook account (@uw-whitewater IMPACT).