Annual Juried Show to display student art

Student show to open April 9

Samantha Lynn, Assistant Arts & Rec Editor

The Crossman Gallery will be hosting its Annual Juried Students Show that displays students’ art work. The work shown within this exhibit can range from many different mediums such as paintings, sculptures, graphic design and so many more.

Students who choose to enter to have their artwork displayed do not need to be students majoring in art. Students who are studying business and other majors on campus have an equal opportunity to submit their art.

Michael Flanagan, who is the director of the Crossman Gallery, has had the pleasure of planning and helping with this exhibit for over 20 years. Flanagan stresses the importance for students in the art department to take advantage of this event but also invites those outside of the art program at UW-Whitewater.

“It’s a really good opportunity for students in the art department to see what the future is going to be like for them as working artists,” said Flanagan.

UW-Milwaukee art professor Glenn Williams will be the juror this year. Williams will have the honor of assessing, evaluating and selecting his vision of Whitewater’s best student work.

Dania Knotek is currently a junior in the fine arts program on campus and has been doing an independent study for Flanagan this semester.

While Knotek is working on her independent study she is also submitting three of her own art pieces to the juried show. She has displayed her art before in the previous Juried shows.

“It was a great experience and I’m anxious to see everyone’s work this year,” said Knotek.

Knotek described the atmosphere of the event to be filled with talented and passionate people who are all thrilled to have the opportunity that can help build these artists’ professional resumes.

Savanah Hogans is a senior majoring in art history. She has done a lot of work with artists and currently works in the Crossman Gallery. This will be Hogans second year helping with the Annual Juried Student Show.