Concert trio dazzles


Dane Sheehan

PROJECT Trio posing for a picture in the atrium for the Center of the Arts.

Corey Moen, Staff Reporter

The College of Arts and Communication hosted an exciting concert by PROJECT Trio at the Light Recital Hall in the Greenhill Center of the Arts Thursday, Sept. 12.

“It was fantastic. you have an amazing concert hall and an enthusiastic audience,” said trio member Eric Stephenson who plays cello. “We love playing for people who like listening to music.”

PROJECT Trio is a chamber music group from Brooklyn, New York that specializes in bringing different music styles to audiences such as classical, jazz, hip hop and bluegrass to name a few.

“The group brings high-energy, fun, engaging, music that’s appealing to all ages,” said assistant professor of flute Christina Ballatori. “They are great musicians, great entertainers and anybody who goes to the concert will enjoy them.”

Those words were completely accurate as PROJECT Trio jumped on stage to captivate the audience with their high-speed musical talent. And listeners did not have to be avid music lovers to take in the performance.

UW-Whitewater student ​Loken Malin couldn’t get enough of the group and raved about the entertainment value.

“That was honestly amazing,” said Loken. “I thought that was the best performance at Light Recital Hall.”

The show was so astounding that the audience gave a standing ovation, before coming back out to take another bow.

“We loved it, we love performing whenever we get a chance,” said double bass player Peter Seymour.

The trio stayed after the concert to meet fans, talk about music and to sign their CD. Greg Pattillo, who plays the flute for PROJECT Trio said they enjoyed their visit.

“I loved coming here,” he said. We had a little class today to get the kids interested in community outreach and we had a great concert tonight.”

All three members have stated that they would love to come back because they love educating and teaching younger students that are interested in the field of music. And judging from the audience response, UW-W will gladly host them again.