A&R Review: “Pam Tillis Trio concert”

Carter Secor, Staff Reporter

Country music star Pam Tillis put on an amazing performance at Young Auditorium on Saturday, Nov. 2. A show so good it even was entertaining to this hesitant country music listener.

The performance consisted of Tillis and her trio playing songs and pieces featuring all types of instruments including acoustic guitars, violins, keyboards, and fiddles, banjos and mandolins.

From the opening songs “Shake the Sugar Tree,” to the closer “Maybe It Was Memphis,” every song was performed beautifully. Her set list spotlighted songs from the beginning of her career to select tracks off of her new album.

In between songs, Tillis would tell stories and jokes to the audience and relate to them throughout the show. These jokes and stories were from the entirety of career and childhood and were extremely entertaining even to someone who may not have gotten all of them.

On top of these stories and jokes, Tillis took requests from the audience and even invited them to take seats closer to the stage that hadn’t been filled.

All in all, Tillis and her trio put on a very entertaining show and his author would recommend it to anyone who enjoys music.

Tillis’ next performance is Nov. 8, in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.