Local Artist and Inspiration Shows Masterpieces at Crossman Gallery

Abby Moon, Staff Reporter

From October 14 to November 13 of 2019, an installation artist and printmaker, Jenie Gao, took to University of Wisconsin-Whitewater to present her artwork: Claiming Space on which she hopes “challenges change.”

The Crossman Gallery in the Center of the Arts was utilized by Gao’s masterpieces for almost a month where anyone could come in for free, look around, take pictures, and just enjoy the atmosphere. The wood carvings and colorful paintings were carefully placed and filled the room with wonder.

Based out of Madison, Gao travels nationally and internationally in hope to spread this installation as well as “challenge old story paradigms, while also offering affirmation that things can always change.”

Students on campus tended to spend the most time gazing at the wonders that Jenie Gao hand made. People occasionally filter through the gallery and pick up a pamphlet to learn more about the exhibit.

“There are students that come through the gallery and most are drawn towards the colorful wall,” Donavan Nolan, a senior on campus who was working at the gallery, “the paintings are a lot more intricate and a lot different than other sets shown in the gallery.”

Gao choses to not have a specific target audience of groups or individuals to appreciate or learn from her work.

“I was happy there was limited people in the gallery says freshman Angga Marquard, “because it gave me time to enjoy the artwork and read all the information on the work.”

Jenie Gao’s work is sensational and strives to make her sets become cultural cornerstones and community landmarks. For more information check out jenie.org email her [email protected].