Recreational Sports continues with new guidelines

Matt Ellis, Assistant Arts & Recreation Editor

This year students eager to participate in intramurals and club sports can expect modifications to ensure their safety and health are being prioritized. 

“Face-coverings are required for participation. All of our activities we offer have been modified. They would have been too risky without our modifications,” said Matt Schneider, assistant director of Intramural and Club Sports. 

Students can expect new safety protocols such as playing more outdoors and social distancing whenever possible. In addition, staff will sanitize all equipment and facilities before student use. 

“We are committed to safety, no doubt about it, but we are also examining our activities to make sure they are still enjoyable with all the measures we have in place. If anyone ever feels their safety is compromised, we want to know about it,” said Schneider. 

Some sports such as dodge ball and flag football will not be played at all this year. The Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference is still reviewing indoor basketball and volleyball as well.

“I still keep in contact with my friends from intramurals,” said student participant Sam Matheny. “It created more opportunities for me to meet new people.”

Students are already signing up for intramurals online and more information about how to schedule use of facilities can be found at the Return to Rec website. In the past, students could rent equipment from The Williams Center. However, this year it is deemed too much of a risk.

“We cannot provide our typical rentals, because of the risk involved with exposure of COVID-19 to our students and student employees,” said equipment room manager Christina Schwab.

Students are expected to follow all new procedures to help maintain campus health and safety while making the most recreational sports at UW-Whitewater.